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Reasons for our existence:

  • To support people above the age of 60 with an active life. 
  • To help 60 plus age group members who want to set up business / consulting services. 
  • To work for capacity building of Industry, Academia, Non-Profit Sector, Government, Individuals and other constituents, of the State and the Country with the help of its 60 plus age group members through a speakers bureau.
  • To assist its members in finding work after their retirement & to provide its members opportunities to share their experience with larger society in India & abroad.
  • To help the Government both at the State and the Centre in its pursuit of policy for elderly - senior citizens who have contributed immensely to nation building.
  • To invite people from age group of 55 years onwards to join as associate members so that when they reach age of 60, they can become full time members. 
  • To work for its members by training them on ICT skills.
  • To work for its members through health & well being progams.
  • To organize events for members & society at large.
  • To establish a centre with electronic as well as physical library for members to provide a professional meeting place.


 Suggestions to 60 Plus age group : 

  1. Stay active and occupied
  2. Stay socially connected
  3. Go on an outing / Coffee / Watch film
  4. Learn Technology ( IT )  - emailng, Facebook, Skype, You tube, play games in computers
  5. Indulge in intellectual discussions
  6. Help out with day to day chores - reminders for electricity bills, telephone bills, monthly bills  


Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you've got to start young, at 60
Theodore Roosevelt